An afternoon in the spirit of the zero years: Paul Bergen presents "Zero's Heroes".


On Sunday, June 2, 2024, the presentation of Paul Bergen's new photo book "Zero's Heroes" took place at Paardcafé in The Hague, the Netherlands. The event attracted a large crowd of music and photography lovers who came to enjoy an evening of memories and live music.

Paul Bergen kicked off the afternoon with an impressive presentation of his book, which captures the vibrant energy and carefree attitude of the noughties through an extensive collection of photographs. "Featuring epic concerts, legendary festivals and intimate backstage portraits, Zero's Heroes offers unique access to the music scene at the turn of the millennium.

A special highlight of the event was the symbolic presentation of the book to Rinus Gerritsen, bassist of the popular band Golden Earring. This gesture underlined the close connection between Bergen's work and the music that plays a central role in the book.

Following the book launch, the talented Dutch band Hallo Vanray provided the perfect musical backdrop for the evening with live music. In addition to enjoying the music, attendees had the opportunity to purchase the book "Zero's Heroes" and secure one of four exclusive prints.

Paul Bergen personally signed the books and told humorous and interesting anecdotes about his career and the creation of the book. The atmosphere in the Paard Café was fantastic - a mixture of enthusiasm, nostalgia and shared enjoyment of the music and stories of the Noughties.

The Paard Café proved to be the ideal venue for this book launch. With its inviting atmosphere and perfect ambience, it provided the perfect setting for an event that brought back the lively and carefree atmosphere of the noughties.

All in all, the Zero's Heroes book launch was a great success. Guests took home signed books, exclusive prints and unforgettable memories of a special afternoon celebrating the glorious music history of the noughties in all its glory.

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