The new teNeues app - Digital content for the book

Does a coffee-table book need digital content? What is the advantage of the teNeues app? What content can I find there and how does it work? 

Readers from all over the world come to us with these and many other questions when they first come into contact with our app. But a coffee-table book specialist publishing an app is also quite unusual. teNeue's coffee-table books live precisely from the fine materials, the really high-quality printing, the scent of paper, the "non-digital". 

We spend a lot of time and money on the special feel of our books - some of our authors, artists and photographers have cult character and a sworn fan community - there is great interest here in everything there is to discover about the book.  

The teNeues app - an exclusive treat

To prevent this sensitive content from being uncontrollably and freely available on the internet, we store our data on servers that are inaccessible from the outside. With a code printed in the book, we make this content directly accessible with the teNeues App. In this way, we provide the respective artist with the greatest possible security that only the owner of the book can see the corresponding content - an extremely exclusive pleasure. 

What digital content is available? 

Over time, thanks to your feedback, we will be able to offer even more types of content. But already there is access to videos, music and photos - according to the respective picture book. 

Picture books with additional content that have been published so far are: 

The "Leon Löwentraut" monograph with exciting videos. 

Andy Summers "A Series of Glances" with a whole album of pieces composed by Andy Summers exclusively for his readers. 

Barbara Cole's "Between Worlds" with exciting making of videos 


A variety of books with additional content have also been announced for the autumn: 

"No Limits" by Joey Kelly with exclusive video interview 

"The Watch Book Rolex" with a video interview by author and watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner 

"Megacities" with exclusive video interviews with residents of the portrayed cities 

"Floral" offers several audio files with philosophical approaches to the poetic photos 

"Africa" contains exciting videos of Fabian Kahl's Africa trip 

Big brother is watching you in the teNeues app? 

Don't worry, we don't save anything! The app is like a pair of glasses that allows you to access videos, sounds and images without storing any personal data. We don't know who is consuming the content. There is no reason to, because you have already paid for all the content when you bought your book. The app is available free of charge in the webstore and responds to the contact points printed in the book. Here you will find a short video tutorial for the more than simple handling. Have fun with the teNeues app!


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