The new Coffee Table Book - Richard Fischer "Floral

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208 pages

30 x 24,3 cm | 10 5/6 x 13 3/8 in.

approx. 100 color photographs

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Renowned artist and “Floral Ambassador” Richard Fischer has published a fascinating new Coffee Table Photo Book.
Fischer is one of the most acclaimed botanical photographers in the world. His firm, sustained commitment to nature, art, and unique portraits of endangered plant life have earned him the unofficial title of the “Ambassador of Flowers.” Thereby giving these silent beauties a dynamic voice through his photography.

Richard Fischer's visions for sustainability and engagement are an inspiration for generations to come. The artist continually and persistently uses his talent to create awareness through beautiful, stunningly intricate images of endangered flowers. In doing so, he gives them a forum on an unprecedented pictorial stage. His third book of floral images offers the viewer another perspective and deeper evidence of his ongoing commitment and complementary philosophical approach to a sustainable and empowered planet. Richard Fischer's intimate images drive the hope of creating the awareness necessary to keep this beauty alive.


The artist has put together a coffee table book that focuses on the uniqueness and grace of blossoms and flowers. Using macro photography, Fischer focuses on the rich detail and complexity of plants. His technique, aided by selective lighting, highlights the finest structures of flowers. The close-ups reveal every hair and vein of leaf, creating almost mystical-looking photographs. Close-up photography offers a rare view of aspects of plants that are normally hidden from the human eye.

Fischer uses innovative approaches in his work by expanding conventional perspectives. He uses techniques such as light painting to create a balance between sharpness and blur, creating a harmonious interplay between art and nature. His coffee table book, Floral, aims to document our planet's biodiversity for future generations, especially in light of the fact that climate change is now threatening many plant species. In collaboration with botanical gardens, Fischer has launched a project of special significance.

Before the book is completed, each photograph is examined in detail by Richard Fischer in printed form. The selection for the final illustrated book is an exciting process that requires a great deal of sensitivity.


Since June 18, Fischer's images can also be found in a newly opened art gallery in the Netherlands. The Flower Art Gallery, located in the Flower Art Museum in Amsterdam-Aalsmeer, features a well-selected collection from his first three cycles: Gentle Genesis, Floral Finesse, and Dying Divas. The exhibition will end on September 10, 2023.


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