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Leon Löwentraut

320 pages

29 x 37 cm | 11 2/5 x 14 1/2 in

ca. 220 Farbfotografien

€ 125,00 | $165,00 | £100,00
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Cover | © teNeues Verlag

The Beauty of Ukraine

Landscape Photography

192 pages

23.5 x 30 cm | 9 1/4 x 11 4/5 in

appr. 145 color photographs

€ 50 | $ 70 | £ 39.95
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Cover | © teNeues Verlag

Human Playground

Why we play

288 pages

25 x 32 cm | 9 5/6 x 12 3/5 in.

appr. 220 color photographs

€ 68,00 | $ 95.00 | £59.95
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356 pages

41,5 x 31,5 cm | 16 3/8 x 12 3/8 in.

190 color & 40 b/w photographs

€ 350 | $ 475 | £ 295
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The Best Coffee Table Books 2022 

teNeues fan and collector Stefanie G. on her favourites 2022 

First of all: I love my coffee table books! The beautiful coffee table books are my favourite decorative accessories for my home. I play with their colours, can stack and rearrange them over and over again, use them as underlays for vases, small bowls and candlesticks or drape them seemingly casually on my coffee table.  

When I have visitors, my coffee table books are the perfect thematic appetiser to start the conversation, and I like to arrange them open on purpose, as if I've just been browsing through them ? No other decorative item in my home is as versatile and multi-value as this.  For teNeues, I went through my collection and picked out my favourites. 

Enjoying art at home 

Originally, oversized coffee table books were invented to give art a proper setting. The eye gets the opportunity to take in a lot of detail with the sophisticated format, much like standing in front of a painting in a gallery.  

Therefore, it is not surprising that a coffee table book by a hip artist appears at the top of my best of 2022 list. The cheerful coffee table book in magenta by Leon Löwentraut, whose whole appearance perfectly matches the works of the young artist, has done it for me. No wonder, because Löwentraut is one of the hottest young painters of our time.  

His paintings are much sought after and hard to come by. So a coffee table book is a wonderful alternative to bring a little Löwentraut home. And how! Because I just love to hold the heavy coffee table book in my hand, the velvet cover feels so soft and cosy. And when I look at the colourful pictures, I immediately get in a good mood! 

2022, the year of Ukraine 

Hardly anything has moved me personally in the last year as much as the war in Ukraine, which is seemingly far away, but very close because of the people seeking refuge in our country. The photo book "The Beauty of Ukraine" is a declaration of love by Ukrainian photographer Yevhen Samuchenko to his homeland. In impressive aerial photographs, the artist shows the size and splendour of his country, a beauty hitherto unknown to us Western Europeans.  

Travelling the big wide world from the sofa 

One of my absolute favourite books, which definitely belongs on the list of the best coffee table books of 2022, is "Human Playground" by Hannelore Vandenbussche. In this unique work, I travel through distant countries with the author and learn about the games and culture of the peoples who live there. I find not only the pictures impressive, but also the unique insight into the lives of the people who live there exciting. 

Landscape photographs also have a magical effect on me. Here I would like to recommend the book "Greenland" by Fokion Zissiadis, which breaks down the barrenness of this almost uninhabited stretch of land to its unique beauty. The illustrated book shows me animals, landscape and people in spectacular photographs that I would probably never have seen in this way. 

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