Stationery: The great comeback of paper and pencil

Stationery: The comeback of paper and pencil 

Whether for the home or the office: high-quality stationery and beautiful stationery such as notebooks, pens and calendars are Stationery Must-haves that belong to the infinite universe of items that simply make our desk and everyday life more stylish. It's about more than beautiful office supplies - it's a return to a consciousness where even the seemingly small and unimportant things matter.           

Stationery and the new writing culture 

Notebook instead of laptop, fountain pen instead of stylus - what used to only bring a gleam to the eyes of avowed enthusiasts has long since conquered the hearts of everyone who longs for a break from the screen. High-quality stationery and beautiful paper items are currently experiencing a new boom. Millennials and Generation Z in particular are feeling the urge for analogue experiences, which is turning office supplies into prized objects of desire. However, there is no demand for zero-eight-fifteen utensils that only serve their purpose. The group of digital natives is taking a clear stand: in keeping with their environmentally and fashion-conscious nature, they prefer high-quality stationery that is thoughtful, different and definitely appealing. And so, thanks to their preference for beautiful office products with that certain aesthetic extra and made of environmentally friendly materials, they are also setting new standards in the stationery design process.

Quality is in demand, aesthetics coveted 

With the renaissance of stationery, there is renewed momentum in the many manufactories, printers and design offices that are working tirelessly to meet the changing demands on the little things on the desk. Because bookworms, workaholics, aesthetes, literati and paper fanatics no longer rely on "good and cheap", but value genuine craftsmanship, where albums manage without any thread or glue at all, notebooks with covers made of genuine natural leather fit perfectly in the hand or greeting and greeting cards resemble small masterpieces that, decorated with glitter, ribbons and jewels, become a work of art from one friend to another. From sketchbooks with van Gogh motifs to planners where you can tear out pages and easily reinsert them later, to notepads and pens made of biodegradable materials, what is booming is what combines high quality and aesthetic design. Nowadays, beautiful stationery is synonymous with the upgrading of everyday objects, the aestheticisation of the trivial. And this may well cost a little, after all, you can never have enough of beautiful things in life.


Stationery Shopping

If the boom in high-quality stationery and beautiful stationery originated primarily as a kind of counter-movement to the digitalisation of professional and private everyday life, the sale of stationery combines both worlds in equal measure. Because when asked where the best place to buy beautiful stationery is, the answer depends entirely on the shopping habits of the person interested. 

A visit to Wunderland Stationery

For those who love to experience things with all their senses, a visit to the stationery store is highly recommended. Not just any stationery shop that advertises cheap kitsch, but a place where the treasures of writing, drawing and scribbling are displayed in plain sight, ready to be touched, sniffed and looked at. Here you can pluck at notes, leaf backwards and forwards through notebooks and feel hand-printed cards. Questions about handling or which mood the dove-blue-grey notebook creates compared to the squeaky yellow one can be answered immediately without detours. Carrying the treasures you have acquired home in a crackling parchment bag is the crowning glory of a truly sensory shopping experience. 

Beautiful stationery in the online shop

Giving your loved ones a gift is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate them. If the small gift is also specially made, the surprise is twice as big. But if you don't have time to dive into the extensive assortment of stationery, you can get an overview of the top sellers and it-pieces of the teNeues stationery world. Here you will find everything your heart desires and your mind inspires! teNeues lives aesthetics and quality. Our passion for beauty and exclusivity is reflected in our new stationery collection. Whether fancy diaries or notebooks, calendars or pens - browse the inviting shop on our website and discover the unique teNeues range. Universal themes such as nature, flowers, pets, cosiness, home decoration and art are included in our notecards and notebooks as well as in the office and games sections. Highlights include our latest collection of 1000-piece puzzles and playing cards for fun at home and on the go.

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