Setting the scene with coffee table books - Deco Ideas

Decorating with Coffee Table Books - the possibilities are so manifold 

Do you love coffee table books? Then you are not alone in this passion. The trend to enrich one's living space with high-quality coffee table books is still unbroken. But how do you actually decorate your rooms with the beautiful books? We'll tell you how to put your treasures in the perfect light. 

Bookcase out of the question 

Coffee Table Books are not just simple illustrated books. Each one is a small masterpiece in its own right. And that's exactly how you should treat them. They deserve a place of honour outside bookcases. Classically, you arrange your Coffee Table Books, as the name suggests, on the coffee table. Here they are visible and always at hand. But sideboards or chests of drawers also make excellent display areas. 

Arranging several Coffee Table Books 

Books are kept in stacks in a manner appropriate to their species. And Coffee Table Books are no exception. So feel free to drape your treasures into towers. It is a good idea to always place two to four books on top of each other. The largest books move to the bottom. Visually, this creates a balanced effect and higher stacks quickly become unstable. Depending on your personal preference, you can then lay the books neatly edge to edge or turn them at any angle. You should bear the following in mind: While the first variant fits into the ambience in a more pleasing way, the second variant is guaranteed to attract attention. So if you want to draw attention to a coffee table book, simply turn it in a little in an otherwise neat tower. It will attract everyone's attention. 

Coffee Table Books are versatile 

Are you bored just sitting among piles of books? Then get creative. Place vases, bowls, wooden boxes or candlesticks on your coffee table books and cleverly turn them into supporting pillars and foundations. In this form, Coffee Table Books are also an eye-catcher on a shelf and the ideal base for a beautifully framed photo. 

More colour for your living space 

Coffee Table Books are small masterpieces in their own right. And in most cases, you can tell that just by looking at the covers. Lovingly designed, they invite you to discover their inner life. If you attach importance to colourful living room design, then use Coffee Table Books either to support your colour scheme or to set specific accents. For the latter, all you need is a single eye-catching book spine, which you place in a stack of picture books of the same colour. 

For example, you prefer the unobtrusive colours of a scanid interior, but still want to bring liveliness into your surroundings? Then a coffee table book in bright pink or luminous petrol will skilfully liven up the scene. If you are living in a Shabby Chic dream, then design book stacks in the colours of the rainbow and place a small Buddha or a singing bowl on top.  

Let your imagination run wild. The good thing is: Coffee Table Books can be rearranged again and again.

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