New book: "Roller Skaters - Life is better on 8 wheels"

New book: "Roller Skaters - Life is better on 8 wheels"

Roller Skaters

Life is better on 8 wheels

160 pages

19,5 x 24 cm | 7 2/3 x 9 4/9 in.

appr. 120 color photographs

€ 29,90 | $ 45,00 | £ 25,00
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The illustrated book "Roller Skaters - Life is better on 8 wheels" takes you into the fun-loving world of roller skating. Even if retro and nostalgic feelings arise when looking at the sometimes brightly coloured roller skates, roller skating has never gone away. In recent years, it has experienced a huge upswing. Since then, the world of roller skating has become more colourful, diverse and fun-loving than ever. 

Experience the world on eight wheels - Professional photographers immerse us in the exciting scene and take us to the best skate spots anywhere. Marta Popowska, author of "Roller Skaters - Life is better on 8 wheels" , is a passionate roller skater herself and used to play roller derby professionally. Her experience and love for the sport is reflected in an illustrated book that conveys the attitude to life of an entire community.  

The world on eight wheels

The professional photographs show international professional and amateur skaters in breathtaking stunts on the halfpipe or smooth disco moves on the beach boulevards of this world. Whether on the street or in skate parks - experience spectacular shots on 162 pages and experience the feeling of freedom and euphoria.

Roller dance legends like Richard Humphrey and Keon Saghari reveal their favourite skate spots, what equipment they can't do without and what makes up their personal style. Whether roller derby, roller dance, quad skating or figure skating - all disciplines of international amateur and professional roller skating are depicted. The illustrated book presents the best international skaters like Michelle Steilen and Loren Kaplan Mutch in breathtaking tricks in bowls, half pipes and roller derby arenas.


Roller Derby

Roller skating is far more than just an individual sport. Roller derby is a female-dominated full-contact sport on rollers. A team consists of a maximum of 15 female players. In roller derby, two teams play against each other. Two 30-minute halves are played, which are divided into so-called jams. There is a 30-second break between each of these jams, which last a maximum of two minutes. During this time, a maximum of five players from each team line up for the next jam.

Four of these skaters are called "blockers". The remaining jammer has to get the points. She can be identified by the star shown on her helmet cap. The task of the blockers is to prevent the jamming person from the opposing team from scoring points and, on the other hand, to support the jamming person from their own team.

The two rival jammers start behind the so-called "pack", i.e. the largest group of blockers from both teams. The jammer who makes it through the pack first, overtaking all the blockers, becomes the lead jammer. She has the option to stop the jam. Aborting is done by tapping the hands on the hips. The break-off can be a tactical advantage, because both jammers can score. Four short whistles mark the end of a jam.

Roller Dance 

Roller Dance, as the name suggests, is dancing on rollers. Roller dance is a workout for the whole body. Besides training your balance, you also improve your flexibility and coordination. 


Roller dance is booming. There are many dance schools that offer complete courses on roller skates. In addition to step combinations, entire choreographies are learned. The rehearsed dance pieces can then later be put to the test in a so-called roller disco. A roller disco is a discotheque where all the dancers wear roller skates. In addition to parties, there are entire events dedicated to dancing on roller skates. 

Park Skating

The skate park is probably the most important part of the skating scene. It is a place of community where everyone feels welcome. It is not only reserved for skateboarders, rollerbladers or mountain bikers, but also serves as a meeting place for young people or onlookers. The skate park has a specially designed area for skateboarders, with obstacles such as curbs, rails and ramps.

The place is a meeting point for beginners as well as advanced skaters and, apart from the purely sporting aspect, also offers the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new contacts. In addition to purely recreational activities, the skate parks often serve as venues for sporting events. 

Peaches on wheels - Rollerskate event

"Peaches on wheels" is a three-day rollerskate event from 19 to 21 May 2023 in Hamburg. During the three days, visitors will experience workshops, contests, panel discussions, meet-ups, roller disco, street tours and much more. The three different workshops will take place in parallel and are tailored to the different preferences and interests of the visitors. In addition to the interesting and wide-ranging programme, there will also be the opportunity to purchase "Roller Skaters - Life is better on 8 wheels" at the event. 

The organisers of "Peaches on wheels" are a group of friends who want to spread the joy of roller skating and support the community. Anyone who wants to attend the event can register on the website. More info on the event page or on Instagram.

The illustrated book "Roller Skaters - Life is better on 8 wheels" will be published by teNeues Verlag on 15 May. Experience the colourful world of roller skating and be inspired.


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