Photo book "Hawaii" - Photographic epic by Olaf Heine


272 pages

26,2 x 35 cm | 10 1/3 x 13 7/9 in.

approx. 150 black and white photgraphs

80 € | $ 95 | £ 69,95
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Olaf Heine, a renowned German photographer, takes us into the fascinating world of the Hawaiian islands in his latest photo book "Hawaii". Hawaii, known as a land of contrasts and one of the most biodiverse places on earth, is presented in all its splendour and diversity in Heine's work. The author and photographer has spent years travelling the archaic yet vibrant land to capture its unique beauty in stunning photographs.

Heine's images show Hawaii as a place that is both lively and energetic as well as melancholic and sensual. His monochromatic style emphasises the depth and intensity of the Hawaiian way of life and the elemental forces of this special region. The ocean plays a central role - it is the silent architect and the centrepiece of Hawaii. Heine's work emphasises the spiritual and elemental significance of the sea for its inhabitants, from fishermen to surfers and tourists.


"Hawaii" - A photographic epic by Olaf Heine

In "Hawai'i", Heine reveals the synergy between man and nature and the resulting forces and values. He shows how the cracks of our time and the extent of human activity become visible in a land that simultaneously stands for sensuality, diversity and wild untouchedness. Through Heine's lens, Hawaii becomes a place where the essence of creation becomes tangible.

This illustrated book is not only a tribute to the opulent beauty of the landscape and the dreamlike culture, but also an intimate insight into the individuality of the Hawaiian people. Personalities such as surfing legend Laird Hamilton, musician Jack Johnson and writer Kawaii Strong Washburn come to life in Heine's photographs.

With forewords by Pulitzer Prize winner William Finnegan and Hawaiian Kristiana Kahakauwila, this coffee-table book is a must for anyone who wants to gain an unbiased and authentic insight into the true essence of Hawaii. "Hawaii" is a breathtaking work that captures not only the beauty of the islands, but also the soul and vibrant heart of one of the most extraordinary places on earth.

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