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New Release: Ultimate Toys for Men - New Edition

Ultimate Toys for Men

New Edition

264 pages

27,5 x 34 cm

400 color photographs

€ 80
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"Ultimate Toys for Men – New Edition" is a high-quality and carefully curated review book dedicated to the delightful things in life. However, Michael Görmann does not only understand luxury as an expensive or wasteful pleasure, but proves that top quality can be "price-worthy" in the nicest sense.

The photographer creates an individual bible that presents a world of luxury in which money does not play the most important role. To buy or even to rent - everyone should be able to afford luxury in life! But it doesn't have to be a Porsche or a Rolex. Luxury is already an artful glass of exquisite wine. 

New edition of the book success

"Ultimate Toys for Men - New Edition" is the successor to the successful classic of the same name. The illustrated book convinces with even more inspiring gadgets that fascinate as well as inspire. From handmade products, curious luxury items or charming collector's items from all over the world - a book that is dedicated to the special and the things that have a special value. Whether sports car or mega yacht, travel bag, high-end boutique hotel or hand-forged knife - the illustrated toys show the diversity of a very special attitude to life.

Style-conscious individualists

"Ultimate Toys for Men - New Edition" is not just a coffee-table book for men, but is aimed at all those style-conscious individualists who want to add a touch of luxury to their lives. The illustrated book by photographer and author Michael Görmann is a collection of the best from all over the world.


The diverse examples and ideas in "Ultimate Toys for Men - New Edition" show how versatile the category of the male can be. "The modern man" or "the man of today" - terms that carry a meaning that is as broad as it is empty. Herbert Grönemeyer is not the only one who has rightly asked himself "When is a man a man?

Changing masculinity

In the past, the classic image of a man focused on the tough guy. The man: the stronger sex. Not only since yesterday has the image of men been in a constant state of flux and is undergoing an intense upheaval that focuses above all on individuality. Toxic masculinity is out and rightly a discontinued model. Holding on to traditionally masculine ways of thinking and behaving is a restriction and reduction, not least for the man himself, which makes any form of self-development impossible.

Breaking down old ideals provides fertile ground for a new variety of life plans and role models. This makes it all the more significant that many young men do not want to assign themselves to any particular category of masculinity. The colourful range of new possibilities offers freedom for all genders. The idea of a single kind of masculinity is becoming increasingly antiquated and makes the question "When is a man a man?" seem increasingly unimportant.

Breaking down old ideals

This is about much more than the social change of individual role models, gender language or the gender debate, because standing by oneself and following one's own ideas and goals, regardless of external expectations, is a true luxury in life. "Ultimate Toys for Men - New Edition" celebrates masculinity as a whole and offers a colourful potpourri of inspiration for personal preferences. The illustrated book shows how wide-ranging and far-reaching masculinity can be and does not limit itself to just one man. Discover the versatile toys of life and be inspired by Görmann's discoveries. The book is aimed at anyone who appreciates the beautiful things in life.





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