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Mountain happiness: the best books about the mountains


Zu Fuß über die Alpen

240 pages

23,5 x 30 cm

€ 29,90
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Small Format Edition

208 pages

22,3 x 28,7 cm | 8 7/9 x 11 2/7 in.

117 color & 10 b/w photographs

€ 29,90 | $ 40  | £ 25
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Mountain Escapes

The Finest Hotels and Retreats from the Alps to the Andes

256 pages

24.5 x 31.4 cm | 9 5/8 x 12 3/8 in

495 color photographs

€ 60 | $ 75 | £ 50
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Ein Hochgebirge im Wandel

288 Seiten pages

25 x 28,7 cm

€ 19,90 UVP
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A holiday in the mountains is not only a journey to a certain place, but a journey to oneself. The beauty and tranquillity of the majestic giants make us pause and enjoy the little things in life. Breathtaking peaks, clear mountain air and a stunning natural backdrop offer the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Hiking trails wind through lush alpine meadows and dense forests, while crystal clear streams babble along, creating an idyllic atmosphere. Whether leisurely walks for the whole family or challenging mountain tours for the more adventurous - the mountains have something to offer for everyone.

Today we present the four most beautiful illustrated books about mountains. Experience the dreamlike beauty of the Alps, a photographic journey on foot from Lake Tegernsee to Verona or impressive mountain hotels and resorts:


The illustrated book "Bergseele" takes us on a photographic journey on foot from Lake Tegernsee to Verona. Through the eyes of photographer Miriam Mayer, we encounter impressive mountains and learn helpful tips for our own crossing of the Alps. The book not only makes hikers' hearts beat faster. 

"Bergseele" is Miriam Mayer's lifelong dream come true. By crossing the Alps on foot from her home at Tegernsee to Verona in Italy, the photographer is not looking for the overcrowded photo spots of the Alps, but for an authentic view of the mountains, nature and learns a lot about herself along the way. In short texts, the photographer tells the story of the tour on the basis of selected experiences, and gives insights into the efforts and emotions that go hand in hand with a week-long journey on foot over many thousands of metres in altitude. 

The journey takes her from the Bavarian Pre-Alps through the Tuxer and Zilllertal Alps, the Riesenferner Group, the Dolomites and Fleimstal Alps down to the Po Valley in Italy. Each region is presented photographically in its own right.

In the beautiful photographs we encounter dramatically illuminated slopes, fog over the mountain forest, delicate blossoms and rugged scree. Cheerful and sun-drenched days are followed by gloomy rainy days, the conditions for a photo can never be estimated as they are constantly changing: sudden snowstorms lead to changes of plans, landscapes change their appearance at a minute's pace.

This unpredictability is what makes "Mountain Soul" unique. Nothing can really be planned, everything depends on the forces of nature, to which you are mercilessly at the mercy of on a journey on foot. What emerges is an authentic, memorable and thus all the more touching photo-documentation of the mountain world of the Alps as it actually presents itself to hikers.



The illustrated book "Mountains" is a breathtaking photographic ode to the Alps. British art photographer Tim Hall specialises in travel, landscape and portrait photography. He skilfully captures nature's greatest masterpieces in their wild beauty, showing breathtaking summit panoramas, clear air, green alpine meadows, icy mountain lakes and mighty glaciers.

Climbing a mountain or marvelling at its majestic splendour makes us pause and reflect and perhaps even become a little more serene. Tim Hall beautifully captures the powerful comfort that speaks from the mountains. The often spectacular weather conditions in which he photographs make his work, and the mountains in front of his camera, seem even more powerful and otherworldly.

Mountain Escapes

In the illustrated book "Mountain Escapes" we encounter impressive mountain panoramas, breathtaking architecture and cosy fireside evenings. The best views of wellness and the most extraordinary places of longing in the mountains, gathered together in one illustrated book. 

In "Mountain Escapes", author Martin N. Kunz presents impressive mountain hotels and resorts from Machu Picchu to the Himalayas. On more than 250 pages and with almost 500 photographs, a finely selected collection of individual houses is presented, all of which can be found in spectacular surroundings. With exciting images and accompanied by lively and informative text, the book brings the holiday home and provides inspiration.

Martin N. Kunz, an expert in the field of special hotels, curated an exceptional selection of places to recharge your batteries, finally really switch off and have time for yourself again. To complement the book, you will receive a QR code for the free accompanying image recognition app. By holding your smartphone over a picture in the book, you will automatically be taken to the web pages of the corresponding institution, from where you can access videos, related picture galleries and soundtracks - or book your next holiday directly.



An illustrated book dedicated to the full beauty of the Alps. The Alps in the change of seasons, in the change of weather, in the change of snowmelt - and in climate change. The illustrated book by photographer Lorenz Andreas Fischer shows the extreme weather conditions, avalanches, the change of seasons, the freezing and melting of the mountains. Breathtaking landscapes, shapes and colours are the focus of this impressive coffee table book.

For us humans, the highest mountains in Central Europe are a place of retreat, tranquillity and permanence - a longing destination for generations. Photographer Lorenz Andreas Fischer has travelled the Alps for years, from the highest peaks in the west to the last eastern foothills. These impressions have resulted in an illustrated book that shows us the beauty and simultaneous threat of the mountains undisguised. These are pictures that impressively show us how important it is to protect this unique primeval landscape.

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