"It's All About Animal Print": The big fashion comeback

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It's All About Animal Print

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Thanks to dynamic developments within the fashion world, 2024 will witness a significant revival: the comeback of the leopard print. The iconic animal print is experiencing a renaissance, which is manifested by its omnipresent presence on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok as well as in various fashion magazines. The catwalks of the world are also celebrating the "Mob Wife Aesthetic". Wicked, opulent and dark - fans of fashionable maximalism are now getting their money's worth.

The 90s, the birth of this striking trend, are known for their fashion experiments, among which the leopard print stood out as a symbol of courage and extravagance. Used only hesitantly and selectively in recent seasons, it is now experiencing a major revival.

Animal comeback: the 2024 trend print

Its versatility gives leopard print a new dimension of appeal, being used in both statement pieces and more subtle elements. Whether coats, pants, shoes, dresses or accessories - there are absolutely no limits to the trend.


There are no pastels or delicate floral patterns this year - extravagance rules in 2024. The fascination with the leopard pattern can be explained by the wildness and independence associated with it. These characteristics, reinforced by the natural elegance of the pattern, offer an attractive palette for individual expression and fashion statements. In the context of the current fashion world, where the emphasis is on individuality and self-realization, the leopard pattern offers a platform to make these values visible.

How to style the animal print in spring 2024

The characteristic camouflage pattern of predators of all kinds, whether leopard, cheetah or tiger, should not be missing from any closet. To fully immerse yourself in the animal print trend and discover the best looks, check out our teNeues illustrated book "It's All About Animal Print". Here, fashion journalist Suzanne Middlemass focuses on the most stylish and craziest trends in leopard print, zebra patterns and tiger stripes. Middlemass shows extraordinary outfits by well-known designers, the latest creations and the coolest looks by stars, influencers or people who simply present a special style. 

"It's All About Animal Print" is a real firework of inspiration. Colorful, loud, bold and surprising - these are the attributes that this coffee-table book combines. 

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