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Floramour: Roses / Rosen

208 pages

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All flowers, or what? - The Flower Power Festival in Munich, puts flowers in the spotlight 

Biodiversity, plant diversity, climate protection, aesthetics and quality of life - this is just a small selection of the topics that will be staged in the course of the Flower Power Festival in Munich 2023. 

At four central venues, the Gasteig, the Botanical Garden, the Bavarian Museum of Natural History and the Kunsthalle, numerous artists will present exhibitions, workshops, theatre performances and installations all about nature, culture, the city and flowering. 

A festival for everyone 

Everyone is allowed to take part. That is the basic idea behind the Flower Power Festival in Munich, which from 3 February to 7 October offers participants space throughout the city to live out their own creativity on flowers and blossoms. And the participatory character is well received. Retailers, galleries and museums are also appearing in the calendar of events and want to participate by contributing their own photo exhibitions or thematic contributions.  

The Flower Power Festival is not meant to be a one-day event. The organisers are deliberately focusing on a varied programme in order to offer the public new impulses again and again. Along the way, they will turn the state capital into a sea of flowers that will last until autumn.  

Wonderful companions through the festival summer in Munich 

If you're really in the mood for flowers after a visit to one of the events, you can bring the floral splendour home with a high-quality Coffee Table Book from teNeues. Of course, this also applies to all flower fans who are looking for beautiful flower coffee table books outside of Munich. 

"Flower power", blossoms, flowers have been one of the most important motifs in art since the dawn of mankind. Religious representations, tapestries, paintings and porcelain sculptures showing blossoms are part of human culture. Today, people like to decorate their living rooms with fresh flowers and with beautiful photos in coffee table books. We know about this fascination and therefore have wonderful flower books in every programme, because there really are so many flower fans and because books simply stay fresh longer. 

Bloomy Coffee Table Books

Do you know our great "Tulips" picture book by Peter Arnold, who knows how to put his favourite flower, the tulip, in the limelight like no other? The famous fashion photographer treats the delicate natural beauties like models and uses the same techniques to photograph them. He presents the most popular spring flowers in all their diversity and aesthetics.

Another illustrated book that makes the hearts of flower lovers beat faster is "Floramour: Roses / Rosen" by Anja Klaffenbach. The coffee table book is dedicated to the queen of all flowers and is a declaration of love to the beauty of nature. The book is part of a new teNeues series that will henceforth honourably celebrate the most exquisite natural beauties that adorn our gardens. Each series title is dedicated to a different genus of flowers, viewed from an aesthetic perspective. The illustrated books allow flower enthusiasts to get to know their favourites from a different angle.






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