"Brazil" - The impressive photography by Olaf Heine


264 pages

26,2 x 35 cm | 10 1/3 x 13 7/9 in.

approx. 150 black and white photgraphs

80 € | $ 95 | £ 69,95
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The German photographer and director Olaf Heine, known for his masterful portrait and fashion photography, offers a profound and aesthetically extraordinary portrayal of Brazil in his photo book "Brazil". Inspired by the words of the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, "The whole universe is made of curves", Heine translates this philosophy into his work by capturing the richness and flexibility of Brazilian culture through his lens. Heine's encounter with Niemeyer, shortly before his death, left a deep impression that shaped his artistic vision. Since 2010, Heine has been travelling through Brazil to capture the essence and soul of the country. His focus is on Brazil's sensual joie de vivre, which he emphasises with a keen sense of form and texture.

In "Brazil", Heine juxtaposes the majestic landscapes and iconic architecture of Brazil with the curves of its people. He portrays a variety of individuals - surfers, dancers, and breathtaking beauties - deliberately opting for black and white shots. This choice emphasises the timeless nature of Brazil and departs from the stereotypical, colourful depictions. Heine's images thus offer a unique, unvarnished view of the country.
But the work goes beyond the mere depiction of curves and bodies. He captures the flexibility and constant change of life in Brazil and conveys a sense of intensity and longing. His paintings are an ode to the lightness of forms that reflect the beauty, diversity and melancholy of Brazil.


"Brazil" - A tribute to Brazil's incomparable soul

Heine's works reflect the spirit of the first generation of Brazilian modernists who, in the middle of the 20th century, sought an aesthetic expression of Brazil's positive social, political and urban transformation in architecture, literature and music. This illustrated book is a reflection of this wishful thinking and supposed utopia, which awakens a particular longing in today's context.

The coffee table book "Brazil" embodies the Brazilian feeling of 'saudade' - a deep longing and wanderlust for the country's tropical beauty, vibrant cities and unique people. With contributions from personalities such as Oscar Niemeyer, Ruy Castro, Marcelo Camelo and Matthias Harder, this work is not only a gift for Brazil lovers, but also an invitation to immerse oneself in the country and its optimistic way of life again and again - free of clichés and full of admiration for its unmistakable culture.


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