Beautiful winter holiday destinations - Three book tips

Winter im Kühlschrank

208 pages

24,1 x 30,2 cm

€ 29,90
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This must be Paradise

Conscious Travel Inspirations

256 pages

27,5 x 34 cm | 9 1/4 x 13 2/5 in.

appr. 180–200 color photographs

€ 60,00 | $80,00 | £49,95
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Iconic New York

Revised Edition

192 pages

23,5 x 30 cm | 9 1/4 x 11 4/5 in.

appr. 200 b/w- & color photographs

€ 49,90 | $ 55 | £ 45
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Regardless of personal preference, whether it's the thrill of the slopes, the tranquil beauty of a snowy landscape or the warmth of a sunny beach, winter destinations offer an amazing variety to turn the cold months into unforgettable memories.

Winter destinations offer an enticing mix of enchanting landscapes, festive traditions and numerous activities ranging from cosy moments of relaxation to adventurous pursuits. Whether you love the snow and cold or want to escape it, the world offers a variety of attractive destinations for the winter months.

Travelling during the winter season takes you into a world that goes far beyond the traditional holiday images. It's an invitation to experience the festive season in a whole new way by exploring different cultures, customs and landscapes.

But even if you spend the winter within your cosy four walls, we give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in other countries and moments. Sit back and let yourself be enchanted by our illustrated books, which present you with wonderful winter travel destinations:

Iconic New York - Revised Edition

Christmas in New York? A lifelong dream of many people who long for a vibrant, glittering winter wonderland. The new edition of the classic "Iconic New York" by Christopher Bliss, shows the Big Apple in an authentic way.

Probably the most famous city on the US East Coast is so much more than the Empire State Building, Time Square and the Statue of Liberty. It is the hidden places and buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens that reflect the city's culture, everyday life and attitude to life.


New Yorker Christopher Bliss takes his readers by the hand and guides them through his home city. He tells in moving pictures how he himself experiences and loves the Big Apple, shows the unique architecture, which is characterised by the topographically determined narrowness and gives deep insights into the city life of the locals. Discover the city's landmarks, get to know the people who live there and get an idea of the turbulent life in the megacity.

6 Months in the Fridge

The illustrated book "6 Months in the Fridge" shows Scandinavia fans completely new sides of their dream destinations and makes them curious about the north. What does it look like when winter comes to the far north? Photographer Michael Königshofer sets off on a journey and shows exciting contrasts between people and nature in Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Iceland and Greenland.


Breathtakingly archaic landscape photos with a fascinating light atmosphere: the photo book documents the contrast between unspoilt nature and the unmistakable tracks left by people. It tells the story of how their lives are organised in this harsh, unforgiving environment through exciting encounters - from traditional ivory carvers in Greenland to ice surfers at the North Cape.

This must be Paradise

Celebrate Christmas in paradise? You can at least dream about it with the illustrated book "This must be Paradise - Conscious Travel Inspirations". Photographers Reto Guntli and Agi Simoes present 25 extraordinary dream destinations in their illustrated book. A unique combination of sustainable nature experiences, adventure and relaxation. The photographers show what advanced glamping can look like and how holidaymakers can support and protect local conditions. Respect for the environment and the luxury of your own holiday are not mutually exclusive. Reto Guntli and Agi Simoes have found 25 wonderful holiday destinations that combine sustainability, adventure and high standards.


Each destination presented pays strict attention to compliance with climate-relevant standards, supports local people and is committed to preserving cultural heritage. Browse through the exclusive illustrated book and experience dream destinations such as the Genghis Khan Retreat in Mongolia, the Beau Rivage Palace in Switzerland, eco-lodges at the Siwa Oasis in Egypt or the Finca Serena in Portugal. From a luxurious desert camp in India to a resort in Provence - "This must be Paradise - Conscious Travel Inspirations" promises the perfect holiday for everyone.

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