Story of "BIG" - Amos Nachoum and Marko Dimitrijevic

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150 color photographs

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BIG: Big stories, big feelings

"BIG" is the ultimate book about the giants of the animal kingdom. The Coffee Table Book takes us on a moving journey around the world. 

The first coffee table book by multi-award-winning photographers and friends Amos Nachoum and Marko Dimitrijevic. For the first time, they not only gather their most spectacular shots of the world's largest animals in one book, but also tell us about the magical moments and encounters with them. In the process, we also learn a lot about ourselves. In the face of a grizzly, a lion, a shark or a school of whales, great emotions come up -

Astonishment, admiration, fascination and yes, in some situations, fear.

Amos Nachoum and Marko Dimitrijevic have had this experience hundreds of times in their long careers as wildlife photographers and are at home in the world of giants:

You may wonder why our book "BIG" is different and why we wrote it? "BIG" encompasses our best wildlife photographic work we have produced over the last 30 years, and we believe it is a different and possibly unique book in several respects. First, it focuses on a large variety of big animals on land and in the oceans. Second, it is the work of two photographers rather than one. Third, unlike most photo books it is organized by emotions. Let us explain why it came to be this way. We both have an eclectic style of photography.

We go from tropical jungles to the poles to wherever fascinating animals live.

Many big animals on our planet evolved in the oceans: sharks, giant fish, and of course whales, the largest animals to ever live on our planet. It was therefore important to us that "BIG" should include these marine giants. On land or underwater: Photographers mostly specialize in one or the other, but both of us are comfortable in either environment. This explains the images in this book that were captured in or near the ocean.

Over the last two decades we have gone together to Mozambique, Palau, Sri Lanka and even to Niue and other remote places where we photographed dozens of species of big animals. We have also traveled individually continuing to enlarge our portfolios. We each have been encouraged to publish a book of our works. Last year we decided that making a book together would be a fantastic opportunity to display more exciting images as each of us has captured animals or environments that the other hadn't.

This is how "BIG" was born.

Observing big animals and photographing them we have always discussed the emotions that a particular scene or animal evoked. So many times, we were filled with feelings of awe, enchantment, surprise, respect, or excitement that we decided it would be a new and fascinating way to organize this book. 

With "BIG", our goal is not just to showcase our images. We want to share the emotions we experienced watching some of these endangered big animals to help protect them before they disappear. We hope, you feel these emotions too when looking at our photographs, then we will have succeeded in our mission.



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