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"You can't escape fashion. Because even when fashion goes out of fashion, it's fashion again." - Karl Lagerfeld 

Fashion is more than an outfit, a shoe or a hairstyle. Fashion is a snapshot of continuous change. It never pauses or submits to a particular category. For the individual, fashion is a personal expression of one's own attitude to life. It is not a purely superficial construct, but a way of expressing fleeting emotions to the outside world.

Through fashion, people can come closer or set themselves apart, feel they belong to social groups and express their inner longings and visions to the outside world. Fashion is not just a projection surface, but a chance to use the power of one's own presence. The search for one's own style or personal aesthetics is an experiment that makes fashion possible in the first place. 

Fashion always has something to do with ideas and the personal way of life. Behind a collection or a fashion creation there is always the story of an individual, who single-handedly helped to shape the wave of fashion. To gain impressive and inspiring insights into the world of fashion and its creators, fashion books are a wonderful option. These five coffee table books sparkle with inspiration and highlight the people behind the fabrics, cuts and colours, as well as the creation:

Fashion Icon - Nino Cerutti 

With his casual Italian elegance, Nino Cerutti pioneered menswear in the 20th century. He was the master teacher of Armani and legendary outfitter for the Ferrari Formula 1 team. Hollywood's most iconic costumes belong to his work: whether Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman", Michael Douglas in "Wall Street" or Denzel Washington in "Philadelphia". The exceptional artist created fashion legends for eternity. Since his beginnings, he has always been concerned with respecting quality. Cerutti has never lost sight of this quality.

His favourite quote, "Fashion is balance, with a dash of theatre", runs through the designer's impressive life. The Coffee Table Book "Fashion Icon - Nino Cerutti" by Cindi Cook takes this extraordinary person, his life and work as its focus. 

Jeanne Lanvin - Fashion Pioneer

Jeanne Lanvin was a fashion pioneer and far ahead of her time. Starting out as a milliner with her own boutique, she founded Lanvin, the longest-running couture company in the world. Even at the beginning of her career, when Jeanne Lanvin was still designing children's fashions, her unusual and individual style stood out. She never strove for a trend, but strived for perfection.

The book "Jeanne Lanvin - Fashion Pioneer" by Pierre Toromanoff is a visually stunning homage to a visionary of fashion and the only German-language coffee table book on Jeanne Lanvin on the market. The book is for fashion enthusiasts and for anyone interested in strong female personalities.

Déjà Vu Style

The coffee table book "Déjà Vu Style" by Agata Toromanoff and Pierre Toromanoff takes fashion as a whole as its focus. Recurring fashion phenomena and personal conversations with fashion historians and sociologists reveal a glimpse behind the scenes of their respective times. The book offers inspiration for every fashion taste. 

"Déjà Vu Style" is dedicated to special pieces, sheds light on their history, shows celebrities who shaped the style and explains their comeback. Whether croptop, miniskirt or crochet dress - each of the phenomena is examined informatively and entertainingly from different perspectives. Besides the trends of the past, the topic of green fashion also has its place.  

For the Love of Bags

The book for bag fans who want to learn more about women's most important accessory and men looking for the perfect gift. The Coffee Table Book "For the Love of Bags" is a tribute to the power of the handbag. A woman's favourite accessory is no longer just a pretty shelter for her mobile phone, keys and purse, but a luxurious object of desire.

From icons like the Kelly Bag, to hip atelier labels from Paris, to the new Instagram stars, the book not only tells the story of the It-Bag, but above all deciphers the codes with which it communicates. "For the Love of Bags" by Sandra Semburg and Julia Werner shows the bag through the ages and looks at its impressive influence on fashion. 

For the Love of Style

"For the Love of Style" is a must for every fashion lover. With a multitude of helpful tips and options, the book opens up an overview of style classics to the latest trends. The overabundance of new fashions can quickly overwhelm. That's why authors Corinna Williams and Nina Zywietz have cleaned out the fashion world's wardrobe and offer us an insider's overview of the most popular and exciting directions, from Romantic & Bohemian style to the All American look and the fashion avant-garde.

A personal style guide that presents the fashion world in a creative and accessible way. "For the Love of Style" takes you on a style journey between beach and nightlife, casualness and elegance. Tips for a perfect outfit from street style professionals, internationally successful stylists and designers are also included: "For the Love of Style" shows the must-haves and presents styling tips that will always be in fashion.

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