The magazine offers readers an exclusive insight into the world of picture book specialist teNeues. We are particularly proud of the large number of photographers and artists who share and immortalise their work, vocation and inspiration with us. For this reason, we want to give special space to interviews with our artists, photographers and authors.

Actually, it is no wonder that the most read articles in teNeues magazine are interviews. We talk together about the philosophy, wishes, dreams and messages of our artists and with our questions we approach the personalities of the authors as well as the special magic of their illustrated books. If you want to know how our exclusive illustrated books are created, you will discover exciting background information in our Making-of magazine section.

We conduct most interviews in writing, as it is quick and practical, without challenges such as time differences or a stable internet connection. Because if photographers and writers have anything in common, it's their packed schedules and itineraries. A promise to our teNeues readers: In future, we will make face-to-face interviews available as videos on our website. Of course, communication thrives on direct exchange and video interviews offer the exciting opportunity to get to know the artist up close. Investigative questions and spontaneous reactions enliven an interview and provide exciting insights into the creative mind behind the illustrated book. We are working diligently on it, I promise!

Whether it's street or wildlife photography: with many teNeues illustrated books, you would like to interview the photo subjects yourself! How does the conductor on the cover of "Tokyo Unseen" feel about his stressful job during rush hour? What do the apes in "Face to Face" want to tell us humans? Maybe the AI will be able to tell us at some point. Until then, we'll let the authors have their say in our interviews: