Horst Hamann was born in Mannheim in 1958. Photographic "visual journeys" have taken him all over the world and are documented in numerous publications and exhibitions.  Horst Hamann's "Verticals" are now considered modern classics of photography. Andreas Feininger compared Hamann's images of America with the paintings of Edward Hopper. For his innovative perspective, the "Museum of the City of New York" honoured Hamann as the first living German photographer with a six-month solo exhibition. His vertical installation in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station was seen by 12 million visitors. Hamann's award-winning book New York Vertical set new standards. The illustrated book "New York Vertical" has become a cult object and quickly became an international bestseller.  Hamann's work is in major private and public collections worldwide. Hamann is the author of over 40 photo books. For his photographic declaration of love to New York, the 400-page volume "ANY -Absolute NY", he received the German Photo Book Award. In 2022 he founded "Gallery NY" - a homage to his adopted home New York. After a fifteen-year vertical break, the German photographer turns to London with his Vertical Views.  Over the past five years, Hamann has systematically explored the megacity on the Thames. This elegant illustrated book takes a completely new look at London. This interpretation will not only surprise real Londoners, but also all London fans from all over the world. You will discover London in a whole new way.  Think Vertical!