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Anja Klaffenbach was more or less born with a love of nature: In the garden of her mother, a passionate flower enthusiast and amateur gardener, she discovered the great diversity of the local flora from an early age already. After her studies of English and Romance languages and literature had brought her to England, her fascination for the art of gardening was sealed. Since then, she has made her dream of having her own garden come true in her home in a large Bavarian city. When she is not busy as a freelance copywriter and author writing books about travelling and botanical life, she can be found there, putting her green thumb to the test by exploring new and old-fashioned species of edible and ornamental plants.

Anja Klaffenbach is co-author of the „Let’s Camp“ Travel guide series: Die schönsten Kurztrips in und um Deutschland, Europas schönste Plätze am Wasser, Die schönsten Plätze für Familien, 4-Jahreszeiten-Camping – 365 Tage Camping. In 3876 Kilometer – einmal Deutschland umrunden she reveals the history and stories of Germany's border regions.

Her current titles of the "Floramour" series:

Floramour – Roses

Floramour – Orchids

Floramour – Succulents